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Originally Posted by Mangochutney View Post
I'd like to point out that this isn't the case--we're not getting something free provided out of the goodness of someone's heart here. You're generating ad revenue and wig sale revenue at best: even if you're not buying any wigs and you've got AdBlock or a similar service to keep ads from displaying, your presence and posting here helps keep attractive to prospective advertisers.
Originally Posted by Eau de Decus View Post
That's the problem. Everyone has been waiting patiently. We've been waiting for far too long. To fall back on what Mango said, we're the traffic that's generating the income. The website makes money and we simply want services to come with that revenue.

As of now, all we have to show for it is a half finished product that's worse off now than it was years ago.
Sorry, I had poor choice of wording there. My thinking was that I was afraid he viewed us as such - as if we don't have a place to be complaining when we aren't directly paying him for a service. Our activity certainly brings all the adverts to the yard, but it's not a pay-to-use site, and therefore I feel like the connection between our interests and Admin's interest in keeping us (not the advertisers) happy has become unimportant. What I mean to say is that that is what I am afraid of him feeling, though I would hope that's not the case! But when it seems like he's pretty much dropped communication with us and there's not been any update from him within recent memory, I can't help but feel like our complaints have been meaning nothing to him. I just do not know anyone so busy that they have to drop a major overhaul of a widely-used website and not have the time at all to update it over the course of...however long it's been. I'm sure he's busy, but if he cared at all about the site, I would think he would find a way to make time for it. It's as if he lost interest and ran out of squats to give.

...and that is a long-winded, probably equally poorly worded explanation of what was going through my mind. XD I apologize if this is really confusing. I probably shouldn't be trying to clarify things when I'm in zombie mode.

But anyway, I completely agree. Regardless of whether this site is making enough money to make this his full time job, or just enough to keep itself afloat, the overhaul has been on pause for an unreasonable amount of time. It really needs to get prioritized or handed off to someone who has the time to do something with it, because overall, it really is worse off than it was before. The new features that have been implemented and the ones that were planned had potential, but this is just a mess. And I would imagine that the foot traffic has declined since the site's been in this limbo stage. To me, it feels like use has slowed down, and surely that must be affecting the ad revenue as a result.
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