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Originally Posted by MeggleMonster View Post
Hello, everyone. I'm brand new to and I was hoping to get some advice on a cosplay of mine that I'm hoping to get started. I hope someone has some advice. I've never actually made my own cosplay costume before, so I'm pretty nervous about it. I'm also a bigger girl and my convention is in the dead of summer...Lots of things to think about when I wear anything.

Anywho, I'm hoping to cosplay as Relena Darlain from Gundam Wing. I know, it's an oldie, but a goodie! I'm not quite sure whether or not I want to do this outfit or not, but this is the one I'm focusing on right now. It will just depend on what kind of advice I get on here, I guess. I've spoken to a few friends and they also suggest that this would be the best one for me to do. I will post reference pictures below.

What I really want to know is how I can make this costume as easily as possible. I'm just a beginner, but I do want to make it instead of buying it. I'm willing to try and learn different things, too. I just know nothing about fabric. I also want to know how I can make this as comfortable as possilbe since even though I'll be inside the majority of the time, it could still be 100+ degrees. My other issues include the shoes and the helmet. I realize this probably isn't the perfect place for those questions, so I would also appreciate it if someone could point me in that direction too. I know this isn't much to go off of, I apologize for that, but I'm not really sure where else I can get assistance. Thanks so much, everyone!
Head shots do nothing for us trying to help you with a costume. We need big, full body pictures.
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