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it's hard to give specific tips since our lives are probably already really different, but i've found myself dropping pounds recently with only minor changes to my daily life. the largest change that has happened recently is getting onto a healthier schedule. i used to stay up all night, getting either waaaay too much sleep or waaaay too little every day. along with this, my meals were always totally sporadic. i ended up skipping a lot of meals without meaning to so even though i didn't eat a lot at the time, my body had trouble regulating itself and i was gaining weight. basically, by ensuring that i can get 7 or 8 hours of sleep a night and 3 meals a day at the same times every day, my body's been healthier and happier...and i've been losing weight as an added bonus.

also, i usually find exercise to be too boring to really keep me interested for any amount of time. when i can't get myself to go jogging outside, i'll just put on an episode of my favorite show and run or do jumping jacks in place to get my heart pumping for the whole duration of it. it takes off a lot of the pressure for me that way.

hopefully some of this will help for you!
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