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Originally Posted by touchmon View Post
What did you make your petticoat out of? *personally completely forgot about it* And I still need to make my bodice too... >_> Can't you just make yourself Red?
It's made of ivory poly-cotton eyelet, and then I trimmed it the bottom with matching pregathered eyelet trim, one four inches, and one.... one and half inches, I think, in width.
The actual skirt doesn't have any crinoline or anything, since I didn't want poof, just a good layer of washable fabric between my skin and the velvet layer. I made it using the same pattern as my red overskirt, The first pattern here. I just cut out one more skirt panel to make it a tiny fit fuller under the heavy velvet and then pleated the waist like mad. It turned out adorable, actually. I might make another one just to wear. Heh
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