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I always enjoy going to Katsucon. Rarely is there ever something that makes me frustrated.

I did find it odd that this was the second year they lost our registration though. The first year we when they had VIP and now this year as a VIP. The first time I had to jump through hoops to find me registration confirmation. This year, they just added us. Didn't ask for proof. I found that a bit odd but that's on them.

The spontaneous decision to start checking every bag that went into the game room. I understand (through rumors) that a controller was stolen but the line became crazy and people continued to walk through with bags anyway. If you're going to set a rule, make it true for everyone.

People too lazy to take the stairs up/down one or two floors. Cosplayers unable to traverse the stairs don't count of course but really, everyone else could have walked!

And lastly, the annoyance of not being able to get to the garage via anything but the front of the Gaylord. It was too cold to walk all the way around on Saturday night. A minor annoyance in the grand scheme of things but still annoying nonetheless.
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