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I usually cosplay lesser known characters, not on purpose, but because I simply fell in love with them/feel the same way as the lesser known characters/sidekicks.
I don't get as much attention as someone cosplaying from a new hyped series. But that's totally okay since I really don't like attention much, haha xD I just love to portray and PLAY the characters I love and have fun with my friends.

One thing that happens to appear though, is, that IF somebody knows who you are cosplaying, you can have the most awesome talks with those.
When I cosplayed Beatrix I got a lot of nice people comming up to me, fangirling over how they love that someone did her finally. They were so hyped and happy that it was nearly a little scary. But seriously all of them were adorable sweethearts!
We talked and talked with no end in sight about the character and game, game-music and costume etc.
I met some of the nicest people due to cosplaying lesser known characters.

I don't know why but if I cosplay a character which is well known (and a few others already run around with the same costume) people don't tend to be so hyped and happy. Sure you hear a lot of "wow nice! awesome" maybe, but you never get in touch with the people as much as I experienced with the lesser known characters.

You don't get much or any attention at all, but you get to talk with some people which are just awesome and share the same amount of love for the character as you do.
At least that's what I experienced. I'm not saying this won't happen if you cosplay something well-known or popular. No no no, it also can happen if you're cosplaying some popular character, but the amount of people is different somehow.But it's just what I experienced so far.
And I'd never want to change that. I love beeing under the radar and have nice talks with awesome people from time to time while having huge loads of fun with my friends all day.(without having to stop every 3 metres for a photo or get interrupted in talks every minute)
Next Cosplay (2015):

Link- Legend of Zelda, TP
Madam Hooch
Der Tod (Elisabeth, Takarazuka)
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