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I didn't get as much recognition from Vanessa at Metrocon which I thought was surprising but I guess Luminous Arc isn't that well known with the younger crowd? I thought it was really well known (or maybe my cosplay needed some serious work which I am in the process of fine tuning XD)

I'm worried this might happen with Veran too, I'm entering her into a contest but at the same time, I have seen lots of characters that I didn't recognize that I thought were so cool. For example, the winners at last years Metrocon had this AMAZING armor and I loved the outfits. No idea what the cosplay was from but it was beautiful. So I don't think it matters on whether or not they notice the series it's a matter of how much you put into the costume. I'm sure once I fix Vanessa and make her look better (I had some costume malfunctions that's why I didn't wear her again Sat/Sun) and finish her scythe she will get some notice. Not that I mind, the few people that did notice the character loved her. :3
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