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Originally Posted by Boyzenberry View Post
I am not saying that bashing on cosplayers is good, but I hate when people don't even try, but judge others and think they are perfection when you can tell it was thrown together without even care being put into it.
I think your peeve is actually them not being able to take criticism. I have the same feeling, and I try really hard on my costumes, I work months on them, but I always worry it's not going to look right. Which is why I accept criticism and work to make things better. The people you are talking about are well... unable to take criticism well. I can understand them maybe being crushed because their costume doesn't look as good but when they bash on other people I personally thing these people have some sort of... delusion. I can't find another word for it. When people think they are perfection and then criticize people even though those costumes may be better than their own, they are deluding themselves. It's people like this that need a wake up call. It is NOT okay to say mean things about cosplays (even though we secretly might think it) but when you yourself aren't even accepting help or critique to better yourself and feel the urge to critique others who have worked just as hard, if not harder? No.

tl;dr: Your pet peeve is people who are deluded and won't accept criticism because they are 'perfect'.
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