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Huh, oh, what?
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Red face Homestuck Cosplayers??

I was pretty surprised that I didn't see this thread on here.
I didn't make this to make a photoshoot, i'm just asking if anyone is going to Otakon as a Homestuck character on Saturday.

I'm most likely going as Jake, if you see me (I'm probably walking around with a China) PLEEEAAAASSSSSEEEEE talk to me! Even if this is my 3rd/4th Con; I tend to be antisocial at Cons and it surprises me because i'm usually not a shy person! I've been trying to make other Homestuck friends and it have been unbelievably hard. ;o;
I really don't want to give you a hard job when you're trying to have fun at a con but, do you mind helping me come out of my shell? c:
*Is trying to make more Hetalian/Homestuck friends c:
Feel free to talk to me on tumblr!
Cons Im going to:
~Otakon 2013
~AMA 2013
~Nekocon 16

~ Iceland (Hetalia)(0%)
~Jake English (Default/Suit and Shorts) (60%)
~ MilitaryStuck!Jake English (0%)
~ Dave Strider (100%)
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