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Make sure you guys stop every two hours (or so) to stretch legs, etc. Have dramamine or other motion sickness medication on hand just in case. You probably won't need it but you will be glad to have it in case you do.

Music is a great idea. I do solo drives only so finding classic rock stations and singing along is about the only thing I can do when I've been going for four hours already and have another three to go...

If somebody needs to pull over, do it. Making good time is less important than the needs of people in your carpool. If I had the option of carpooling, I would probably sleep on legs I wasn't driving, but it's also a good idea to have at least one person stay up with the driver in case they get drowsy. Sometimes if I get really tired, I'll call people I know are awake (like other people driving to the same con) and we'll talk for a bit until I can stop to get caffeine.
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