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Like everyone said, I'm okay with it. I've actually gotten kind of used to posing with people in their street clothes. It's almost an automatic reaction for me to put my arm around the person or at least pose right up near them. If they look like they might be uncomfortable with the closeness, I just pose nice beside them. I'm also okay if they want to put their arm around me or something, but I have had to pull guys hands up higher than they want to put them in the past. Just being courteous and asking is all you have to do. 99% of all cosplayers will return the kindness and be friendly about how to deal with the situation. If someone is rude to you or snappy, they probably aren't really okay with posing with people (I've seen some that feel it detracts from them and their yeah, it's all about them and not being nice and helping someone make a cool memory).
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