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Well geesh it was an Ok con this year.
Lets see good.

1.con staff was mostly freindly the vip badge staff themselves went way out.

2. Good panels for me

3.lots of awesome cosplayers.


1.This is going down in my book as Katsjewcon. My gripes are pretty standard.

2.What guy selling nazi stuff in the dealers room? There was a guy who sells military stuff. He had one hat that had the deaths head on it I guess for SS but there wasnt any swastikas anywhere. Just because people are ignorant of militaria dosen't mean it shouldn't be sold. People that are offended are no fun to be around.

3.I am the only person who appearently cares about this but the con let vip badges be counterfitted and because of them trying to find them I was harrased over 20 times for a little number on the back of my badge.

4. The masquerade-Gets stupider every year. People hardly do skits anymore. The whole contest should be divided like the amv contest is. Song and dance acts are far too many and 3 gangam style ones wtf can't people be original? Break the contest maybe into 3 categories and seperate the male and female cosplayers so that male costumes stand a chance.
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