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Originally Posted by Larcenciel View Post
Yep, planning on it. Been going since 2005, and not stopping now!

My town is little known, since we are pretty quiet and in the middle of other small towns. An hour away though? Not bad. ....

So, if you are going to AB, you have any plans? Events you are seeing, cosplays you are aiming for? Photoshoots you want to take part in....etc?
My planned cosplays are in the tag below~
And I'm going to the D.Gray-Man and Pokemon shoots.
It's only my second year going so I don't really know what they offer but I want to hit up the game room again and fail at DDR haha
I'm going up with three of my friends and my folks(but my folks have their own room because they don't want to be in my space lol). We're staying at the Marriott (I think it's called that) so my friends can do our cosplay changes quick.
Oh! And I'm going to the rave if course! But that's all I know for sure at the moment haha

What about you?

Road Kamelot: Need a wig
Honey-chan: 50%
Marceline: 0%
Marshall Lee: 0%
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