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@sakura hahahah yes go for it!! we can be double joe!! i bought the wig and his watch but i'll need to sew his vest 'cause i can't find anything like it online that would fit me. i got his big blue socks a few days ago too while shopping for my nanalan' tights HAHA.

@miliyah LOL yeah we all kinda hang out there right? digimon tag's pretty active

@N_H_Sakura5 i dunno what day i'd want to wear joe, i need to think about it some more lol. and yeah, if i get in the artist alley my plans will probably change too hahah! can't really wear the giant mona head at anime north :<

edit: woops changed my mind again. gonna attempt wearing mona saturday night, and possibly joe saturday day so that i can attend the shoot!
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