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Was actually going to stop updating this thread, but I did say I would try Ichigo's eye makeup tutorial, and well, it didn't turn out as good as I had hoped:

I think my liquid liner kinda sucks. I need to find a better one that draws crisp (this one does, but it tugs my eyelid making it tough) and one that lets loose the liner a bit more. This one, I feel like I have to constantly shake. It is an Eyeko Skinny Liner, and I hear so much good things about this one too. :/

Anywho, since I shown that, I have a very few other pictures to share. One being really loved by myself.... this one:

What sucks about it is, I didn't put in contacts tonight, and I STILL need my eyebrows threaded. >:.... It's a shame too, because I think this picture personally came out spectacular.

Also fiddled around with chopsticks a bit too:

Still need more work on my eye makeup, but God, I greatly believe my skin makeup has improved a lot.

Anywho, this will probably as I said, will be the last picture update. I don't want to drag this thread on with pics of less improvements from here. Would feel like an ego stroke or something too, lol. This thread greatly served it's purpose and I have pretty much the basics needed down, so from here, I plan to continue practicing my contouring, and hopefully improve my eye makeup as I go on. A big thanks to everyone who has helped. I love you all.
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Reality: Recycled or no cosplay at all. Got to love commissioning! Thanks everyone!! Serious thanks to Dulcinea, who actually made the deadline for the accessories far in advance and of outstanding quality. Sucks they won't be used.

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