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Seeking Misuzu Kamio.
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All I know is the Adventure Time characters, haha. s:.... and Auron if that is the FFX one.

Pokemon photoshoots are always amusing. Never followed anything D Grayman. s:

Oh, I recommend checking out Anime Unscripted, the Masquerade, the AMV contest, and the gameshows. That's usually the places I can be found. xD.... I try to avoid the game room. I do enough gaming at home. x_X

Ah, I don't know if I am going to the Marriott or not. I have two rooms booked there, but my friends are dropping like flies, so I am worried how many will actually be there. :/.... Been Marriott every year, and this year..... blah. No one wants to tell me what the heck is going on, if they CAN or CAN NOT make it, and it's getting me worried. :/

I went to the rave once, but it isn't exactly for me. xD... I went there when.... 2008 or something?.... It was the year Bespa Kumamero came. I remember getting a few pictures of them at the rave, lol.

As for me, well, I do crossplay, so I am....HOPING to do Eternal Sailor Venus from Sailor Moon and Naruko Anjou from Anohana. The events, I listed above. I taken part actually in Family Feud last year, and got the host trapped, it was hilarious. Made the gameshow extra fun. .... I also take part in the AMV contest every year too. Currently working on an action, and a hentai AMV right now. Don't know if I am going to get a third off. I have like 3-4 other AMVs STARTED, but all stopped.

That's about it for me. s:
Animeboston Congoer.

Cosplay 1: Sailor Venus (Commissioner failed to make 4 month deadline)
Update: August 10th.... still nothing.

Reality: Recycled or no cosplay at all. Got to love commissioning! Thanks everyone!! Serious thanks to Dulcinea, who actually made the deadline for the accessories far in advance and of outstanding quality. Sucks they won't be used.
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