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Originally Posted by Mr Oni View Post
Well geesh it was an Ok con this year.
Lets see good.

1.con staff was mostly freindly the vip badge staff themselves went way out.

2. Good panels for me

3.lots of awesome cosplayers.


1.This is going down in my book as Katsjewcon. My gripes are pretty standard.

2.What guy selling nazi stuff in the dealers room? There was a guy who sells military stuff. He had one hat that had the deaths head on it I guess for SS but there wasnt any swastikas anywhere. Just because people are ignorant of militaria dosen't mean it shouldn't be sold. People that are offended are no fun to be around.
As per the Nazi dealer, he's been set up at other cons before. He didn't have the array he has had in past years, but he still had a few items for sale, such as hats that had Swastikas on them, and his mirror he had on display also had a swastika on it. I saw the deaths head, but (as you even pointed out) how many people would even know what that is? I'm Jewish, but it doesn't bother me. I collect Golden Age comics and most of them have Hitler on them. Plus my (very not Jewish) boyfriend collects military items from WW2. However I understand why people would be offended.
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