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I think the only problem I had the whole weekend was at the maid cafe. I had a reservation so getting in was fine and getting up to the cafe was awesome, I loved the atmosphere. But then when we got there it was so crowded. I just felt we were all up in the neighboring tables business. The maids were all very nice though. Now I'm pretty aware this probably isn't Katsucon's fault, but the food was mediocre. A friend got the rice and it was crunchy and so were the noodles in my ramen, and everything was cold. All the members at the table were not impressed with the food. But then when we went to finish and pay we waited for about an hour standing at the counter just to pay. There was only one person at the register actually cashing out the rest were just running around taking our checks, looking at them, then just handing them back to us. Also, our maid had a hard time explaining that they needed to split the checks because we weren't all from the same group. Finally, it took about 30 minutes just to wait for an elevator to get to the cafe to leave.
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