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Good news for you then, because we're getting close!

Things have been going really quickly, so I don't have as many progress photos of the last few steps as I'd like.

I molded and cast a resin copy of the rear grip. Fun fact: resin is about 30% lighter than the plaster is! So maybe this thing won't be as heaving as I was fearing.

I also built the claws for the prong arms, and the cages that hold the actual arms. Here they are with a coat of primer and the first layer of rattle can paint. The arms themselves are in the same stage, but they're presently drying from their paint so I don't have them out to display.

Speaking of paint, I've hit all of the laser cut acrylic and most of the cast parts with primer and a first coat of silver. I am going to lightly sand the silver down and then go over each bit in varying light layers of light and dark silver. The goal is to get them looking metallic without looking too uniform. Then after that we'll get to detail painting (though I may wait until the rest of the parts have caught up before I get there).

I also decided to make the heatsink on the bottom of the gun akin to Volpin's build. Being a terrible hand fabricator, I had it 3D printed and pulled a resin copy from it. I didn't spend remotely enough time cleaning it up before molding, but time is kind or running out. The master is PLA and it didn't seem to like being sanded down, and I'm more comfortable working with the resin anyway. Here's the pull straight out of the mold.

Speaking of the rear base, I've been working on it a bit. The plaster really doesn't like being sanded, it is soooo soft. So I've hit it with a few layers of a high build primer and worked that some. Like the heatsink, I'm going to do more work with the resin copy. But overall I'm not entirely happy with how the whole rear base has come out, and I may revisit this in the future when I have access to better quality 3D printing.

And lastly, here is everything altogether. There's... a lot. In the plastic bag are all of the nylon nuts and bolts after being dyed. I used a gray dye, but it came out a little blue. Which isn't the end of the world because I am planning on making all of the bolts look rusted, and a blue or purple base makes painted rust really stand out.

I am about to get started on the 2 part jacket mold for the rear base. I'm kind of nervous, I've never done a 2 part mold with a mother mold before. Sometimes you have to walk before you can crawl, right?
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