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Originally Posted by zeekayart View Post
@raevix: Oh my gosh in the masq. green room I was wondering how you were surviving in there!! I had to step out of the room a couple times and I was just in a dress lol. Amazing costume, I could not stop looking at it!

Oh, and if anyone has photos of my Nanalan' cosplay a pm would be appreciated, I only got two pictures of it myself on the weekend, oops haha!
Thank you very much! The head has a fan that draws air in and blows it directly into my face, it really helps keep you feeling cool. That and lots of cold water fed through a straw. I was really surprised at how well I did, I will budget my schedule for much more time in costume at my next convention! I LOVED seeing your Nanalan outfit by the way. I only ever watched Nanalan by accident, but it was always so endearing, especially the opening sequence. You couldn't tell, but I had a big smile on under my head!

#Con-G-Ending - I agree with everyone, I'm so sad to see it go! This was actually my very first Con-G and I had so much fun. I've never learned so much at a convention before. I will be constructing my very first shield in the next two weeks using information I got just from this convention. I'd really hate to lose access to such an incredible local con!

#Daleks - I didn't realise the Daleks were blasting people without their permission. That's not cool, you can really mess up a costume doing that or just scare the pants off of anybody not expecting it
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