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Originally Posted by Train View Post
Hello! Well, for all the times i've been to Con-G (which is only twice actually....the very first one they held and this years), its always been such a delight to attend. The staff have always been very friendly and helpful, and the everyone have always brought such wonderful work (both outfits and props). I was especially happy to see the variety of cosplay this year and receive some love for Ghbili (my gf and I cosplayed Kiki and Tombo from Kiki's delivery service). Though I am quite saddened by the news, I'm really thankful to all the staff and organizaers for all the good time i've had at Con-G =)
Ah! You were the Tombo! You and your girlfriend were adorable. Made me wish I had my camera on me.

I was the animated Teen Titans Raven on Saturday. (And then Marceline Sunday.)

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