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Originally Posted by Rhapsados View Post
I bought pre-reg for AN this year, which I didn't last. I'm not able to go to the early pickup for pre-reg on Thursday - if I get there a bit early on Friday, what are the chances I'm not standing in line for 10 hours?

I went early to Fan Expo because I thought there was going to be a huge line, and there was, and I was in the very front... but of course, I ended up waiting almost 2 hours.

Is it worth it to go early and wait, or will the pickup always be moderately accessible? (By that, I mean no more than 45 minutes-ish of line waiting.)

On the topic of allergies, I'm allergic to a LOT of things and obviously carrying around both mild and severe allergy medication/equipment. It's pretty much common sense but some people forget... and basically pay the price. I can't remember if AN stocks peanuts or stuff like that, but yeah... just... try not to bring it into a crowded convention.

I don't know if this has been talked about but please, please don't play your music obnoxiously loud in the hallway. I'm not sure if it's just me but this is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. Especially in crowded hallways! A moving, busy hallway is not a dance party zone.
AN itself doesn't stock any food except in the staff areas or in like their maid cafe as far as I have seen. The TCC itself has a small food area with some limited stuff but i've never been in there, plus a few places in the dealers room and the DT of course has food as well. I have never seen peanuts anywhere which is good, but it's hard to tell if something has been contaminated.

Some AN staff has their First Aid and CPR (at least I do) as well.
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