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Naka's Assistant Programming Con Com here:

Originally Posted by Michi_Lolita View Post
Also I've been going since the year it started and was super tiny.
That's really impressive! I've been going since the second year. My first year it was hosted in the student union at KU and all I did was play DDR in the game room.

This year is going to be #9 for the convention and we sure have grown. From roughly 200 our first year to 5,200 last year. And who knows what attendance will be this year! Our pre-registration is up 80% over last year. If the overall attendance is that much more than last year, we'll be looking at OVER 9000 attendees! I don't suspect that will be the ultimate case, but with Nobuo Uematsu as a Guest and the con falling on Spring Break this year, who knows!
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