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Seeking Misuzu Kamio.
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Like what in comparison to what? s:... I think I overdo the mascara myself. Maybe I shouldn't bother with the lower lashes.

Pretty much, I have it in my mind though.... Shape face, basic makeup, not overdone. The overdone-ness of it all is just me still trying to make sure I have an idea of things here. Personally, I really need to find a way to make my nice look shorter. I think it looks too long. I will have to be looking mainly into that next. I think too, my contacts in my previous pictures added. I will have to keep up with those.

I will do one more update, but nothing really soon. Maybe when I go for a super natural look as a final product, over these testings I keep doing and posting. The feedback helps greatly, and that's why I like it. Thanks. :3
Animeboston Congoer.

Cosplay 1: Sailor Venus (Commissioner failed to make 4 month deadline)
Update: August 10th.... still nothing.

Reality: Recycled or no cosplay at all. Got to love commissioning! Thanks everyone!! Serious thanks to Dulcinea, who actually made the deadline for the accessories far in advance and of outstanding quality. Sucks they won't be used.
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