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I'm so glad I was able to make it back to Guelph for Con-G Best convention I've been to to date! Con-G 2013 officially trumps Montreal Comic Con 11, AN 08, and Otakuthon 12 for me.

Friday I was the female Vincent Valentine walking around with the damaged boot armour - cardboard + tons of slush = damaged cosplay. I was with Daniel Bryan cosplayer - only girl that knew it was Daniel Bryan :P

Saturday Final Form Xemnas. I was the one that was short with the tan that entered the masquerade. I still can't believe I got something for that @_@ Journeyman now. Anime North will murder me xD But that cosplay is much bigger. And wouldn't fit at Con-G due to size. Joy oh bliss. In the afternoon I was with Coreciellen from Keepers (basically tall guy in a blue wig with pigtails, a bloodied left arm, and all black clothes)

Sunday was Rydia from Final Fantasy IV with my Edward (aka Liliana - I love you Eddy! xD) though I was mostly found with Sergei Dragunov from Tekken. How people thought we were from the same game I'd like to know. I was green and sparkly and he was in a suit with scars. Dafuq? xD
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