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When I cosplayed as PB, I chose her "Susan Strong" outfit purposefully because it's up in a bun and I wouldn't have to deal with the wig XD

My friend is actually working on LSP right now--we had a blast brainstorming methods for makeup, her trash-bag dress, etc She's even planning on adding a mustache and multi-tasking for Lumpy Space Prince, lol.
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2015 Cosplay Plans:
Colonial Jack Frost (RotG) [x]
Jane Porter (Disney's Tarzan) [90%]
Rogue (90's animated X-Men) [x]
Rita Skeeter (Harry Potter) [x]
Gijinka Darkwing Duck [x]
Ceremonial Princess Leia [x]
Honey Lemon (Big Hero 6) [x]
Anastasia [40%]
Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) [gathering materials]
Eowyn (LOTR) [planning]
Mabel Pines (Gravity Falls) [planning]
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