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I was aiming for the real costume not the drawn version, however I ran out of gold fabric and as I had to import the stuff from overseas this is the result. As for the gathers, it is sort of how the fabric drapes but I haven't done anything with them. They've just been sewn in and the horsehair braid is quite stiff because of the 1cm width..

But considering this is my 2nd complicated cosplay I think I'm doing ok. I've only been doing this for 3 years and before that didn't really sew. Plus with natural disasters wreaking havoc over the last 2 years (huge earthquakes that destroyed/majorly damaged 70-80% of the city) this cosplay has been a mission to complete with any accuracy.

I am loving the feedback though! I like to hear what others think and what parts could use a little tweaking, if I have time in the future I might try and adjust the gold skirt, if I can remember where I got the fabric from...
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