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Cosplay not in a can
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My plans are fairly ironed in, though theres a chance of some change plus the open/mystery spot.
Thursday: Michiru, Sailor Moon, will have a Haruka as well.
Friday: Magical girl Madoka(yet was godoka last year lol), shoud have the rest of the magical girls with me from Madoka Magica. =3 And a Charlotte. Mystery/Open spot blank i dunno for the evening. Might also wear PJ!Usagi Tsukino with a PJ!Minako.
Saturday: Morning is Super Sailor Moon with (hopefully) the rest of the scouts and more. <3 Late afternoon will be Kosuzu from Hakuouki, should have a Chizuru, we'll both be in full heavy kimonos, and possibly a Saito.
Sunday: Lolita, not sure what outfit I'm wearing since I keep buying more things so I'll wait and see. Might be doing a Sailor Moon themed Lolita outfit though!

2014 Cosplays for Ichibancon/Triadanimecon/Nashicon/Animazement:
Eternal Sailor Moon & Fruits Usagi, Sailor Moon.
Upgraded Magical Girl Mami, Madoka Magica.
School & SAO Asuna, Sword Art Online.
Code Black in Ashford C.C., Code Geass.
Mimori & Takamina, AKB0048.
Ballgown!TARDIS, Doctor Who.
And lots of Lolita.
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