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Matchwigs Review~

I wanted to share my experience with Matchwigs. While browsing for a wig based for a wig commission I was working on, I stumble upon matchwigs website and I though I should give them a try. After making a final agreement with the client I was working with, I decided to go with a long red wig. I made the purchased on the 14th of Jan and received it around 28th of the same month.

Order: The order was pretty fast, I just needed to make an account and add my details to secure my purchase.

Price:- The price for the wig was decent, and a few dollars cheaper than I would pay for an Arda wig. I also saw that the wig was thick and heat resistant so I also though it was a nice decent price for it.

Shipping: Shipping is free for US residents and I though that was great consider that the company from singapore. You do have the option to change it and for an express shipping, they used DHL. Also, you may add $2 for delivery confirmation and signature is required for those who get nervous purchasing over seas. Since I was getting paid for a commission and didn't wanted to risk the wig getting lost, I payed the 2$.

Confirmation: As soon as I payed using Paypal and all. I got a message with my details and order number. Two days later I received a message saying that my wig was ready to go and would be shipped.

The average it took to get to my house was between 12-15 days which is fast consider I purchased a lot through ebay and have to wait for a month to get my stuff I want.

Wig: I missed the mailman when I was out working, but once I got ahold of the post office I got the package. When I open it, it was packed really well inside a bag, with a wig net and the shade of the wig was very lovely. I also noticed that the wig had plenty of hair enough for the wig commission I needed. Pics:

Overall grade: A I was pretty satisfy with my purchased and once I gave them the ok that I had the wig with me, they gave me my loyalty points which is pretty cool. The more you purchased, you can transfers those points for discounts and stuff.
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