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Electronics in judging

It was generally brought to my attention at Con-G 2013 last weekend, that workmanship judges in masquerades really don't seem to pay any attention to use of electronics, especially intricate ones. I was cosplaying Quorra, and a HUGE part of my costume was the electronics in it. I explained how I'd lit the costume up, what materials, etc. but when I offered my reference image and offered to take my disk dock off and show them the circuitboards and switches that made it all run and the additions beyond "Light, battery, wires" that were worked in (things like a brightness-adjusting knob for different light levels, an arduino to get the RGB lights to the right shade, etc.), I got a "That's okay" shrug, and the judges mainly just focused on the sewn aspects of the costume (I'll admit my sewing on it wasn't what I'd call fantastic work) and some interest in the actual lit portions, which I couldn't fully show due to having diffusing strips sewn overtop.
I felt a bit unfairly judged in that aspect, that they didn't really pay any attention to the most important parts of my costume. I'm guessing it was for any number of reasons (No idea about electronics, no time, etc.), but I cant help but feel I'm not alone in that respect for any cosplayers who've worked intricate electronics into their costume and would like that skill judged in workmanship beyond "Oh cool, it lights up and you made it yourself", especially with them becoming ever more prevalent. Any opinions/advice/experiences yourself on this?
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