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2013 Anime North Photoshoot List



Rules/Steps for registering a photoshoot

1. All the times are going to be set on the hour, just like last year. This makes it easier to organize everything into 1 hour chunks. So if your photoshoot begins at 4pm, you have that space for the full hour.

2. Make a thread for your cosplay photoshoot on the teahouse forums. With all pertinent information inside (day/time/photo ideas). If you are only planning on doing one day then you could have “Saturday Your Photoshoot 2013” in the title.

3. All photoshoot requests will be done via email.
a. Whomever is running the photoshoot will send an email to
anphotoshoots at containing the following information:

i. Title of photoshoot in the subject line of the e-mail (and day if it is only occurring on one day)
ii. Desired location and time/day, and preferably a backup time or location in case the first choice is taken. The pre-determined locations can be found on the map here (link). There will also be an indoor location (ITCC 1). Terms like “Grassy area in front of the TCC” will not suffice as it is ambiguous. DT1 is the Patio in front of the DT (with all the trees). It takes 7 minutes from the front of the TCC to get to DT3. DT 2 is right next to the main table area in the Double Tree.
iii. A link to your thread on the Anime North Teahouse of the Maple Moon forum.
iv. Your first and last name and that of anyone else helping on your photoshoot. If certain people are helping on certain days, identify that too. Example: Carly Smith (Friday), Bob Dole (Friday and Saturday) (see FAQ #2 & #5).

4. The only events sanctioned for the list are actual cosplay photoshoot events. This does not include any meetups or other events. Anyone attempting to bypass this rule will be banned.

5. Once the list is finalized the locations cannot be moved. This means if you are booked at TCC 1, you will have to host your photoshoot at TCC 1. Anyone attempting to bypass this rule will be banned.

6. Deadline for entries is April 19th!

7. Once you have confirmation on your photoshoot register it at! Without doing this step your photoshoot will not be included in the pocket handbook and thus you will lose your spot! - FAQ 5

Also if you have twitter (especially on your phone), you can always add in Mecha_Momiji as I will have her firing off photoshoot updates and times/locations during Anime North.

N.B. Each anime/game etc. will be able to have one photoshoot per day (So if you see that Homestuck already has a photoshoot on Saturday there will not be another given out, however there could be a timeslot for Friday or Sunday).

Benefits for running a photoshoot
Running a photoshoot gets you the same credit as running one panel. If you do a combination of panels and photoshoots and manage to do 5 events you will get a refund on your membership. See FAQ #3 and FAQ #5
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