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Okay guys! Shadow here!

I emailed DireKitty who is running the Photoshoot list and tried to grab the spot for us. So far, this is what is determined:

Day: Saturday
Time: 12 pm
Location: TCC4

I just sent it about a minute or so ago before this post so if anyone is online today or checking in can check the photoshoot list and see if it's updated with our information.

And something new this year, we had to make a forum thread on Teahouse Forums, so I did one with all the information on it. I think it was for people outside of to check photoshoots or something. http://teahousemaplemoon.proboards.c...s&thread= 174

But regardless I sent it our information. Sakura and I wanted to get in the good spots before they were taken. Last year things went by so fast and again it's happening now already. Sorry if anyone has a time issue. Once the spot is confirmed for us, it cannot be changed.

Last year we ended up having a Friday shoot and it ended up on the List as well. If anyone wants to do that again you'll have to let us know ASAP. I'm not sure if I can email her again if we decide on another shoot if there is room on Friday for us again.

Also sorry for my absence.
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