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First of, I don't think that anyone entering a competition should go in with the expectation of winning something for "This cool / intricate piece", you should be entering for fun and because you enjoy it. Otherwise it can becomes a total let down. (Been there and done that myself, but I've changed my attitude and have had a lot more fun for it!)

I've constructed LEDs into garments before but never for competition sake, but I do know that there are times when I feel that something I was really proud of got looked over. What you have to do is really show the Judges the work in a way that is enthusiastic but on a level they can understand. The judges were likely sewing people and not electronics people so their expertise was in your construction, how the seams were, how well the wires were integrated, are they hidden or can you see the cords? If you are seeking an award at a masquerade remember that at it's core you are entering a costume contest. Clean up the construction that supports your electronics, if they are both at the same level you may find more success.

EDIT: Forgot to list things I felt were overlooked in the past! I finish the insides and outsides of my costumes but sometimes I forget to point it out or it goes unnoticed. This is especially true if I make something on the more simple side, it will have clean, crisp construction but it's of simple design so it never compares to the larger more decorative costumes. Also! Another note I have is that if you are in Novice it's really difficult competition! If you are confident in your skills I suggest you go to Journeyman right away, I felt a lot of my unnoticed details occurred when I was in novice.
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