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Originally Posted by Karitsa View Post
E-mailing you now! Also, should this thread have a sticky? I think it would be very handy.
It would be!

Originally Posted by sweet_kat22 View Post
I've got one person besides myself and my boyfriend interested in a Disney photoshoot can I still make one? Will people come if they see it in the pamphlet?
Yes! The #'s are for organizers as we realize big shoots can need a lot of people running it (and we want people to feel encouraged to ask others to pitch in, and hey, you get panel credit for it)

There are 25k showing up to AN and many of them cosplay! Tons of people never come here so they learn about the shoots from the pamphlet. Hetalia, MLP, Homestuck and One Piece are great examples of this as they draw in massive crowds but their threads are filled with only the few, the dedicated, the proud.

So even if no one here is interested, there is sure to be other disney people at the con.
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