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Originally Posted by pinoycosplay View Post
Also sequester was Obama's idea. He owns it.
I didn't say that the sequester was not Obama's idea. My meaning was that it is the Republican's fault that a deal has not been made so that the sequester could have been avoided. Obama was never going to accept something that would not include some new revenue. The Republican's refuse to raise taxes on anyone. At least nominally. My taxes have recently gone up because they let the payroll tax reduction lapse.

See, Pinoy, we can have a reasonable discussion about policy if you will refrain from paranoia about Obama. I don't think that he's deserving of uncritical worship, but for fuck's sake, he is not trying to take everyone's guns so that he can make himself a monarch or dictator anymore than George W. Bush was. Has too much power been concentrated in the executive branch? Yes. Thank you, Bush and Cheney. Obama is now continuing your fine work. So much for your permanent Republican majority.

By being complete obstructionists, the Republicans are just giving Obama cover to use even more executive power. "Well now else am I supposed to get anything done? I have no choice!" Does that justify it? No. But it makes it easier for him to get away with it. And their refusing to compromise has nothing to do with separation of power. It has do to with them being caught in a bind because they have fetishized tax reduction to the point that it is now political death for them to vote for any increase at all.

Originally Posted by pinoycosplay View Post
Personally I have no use for party labels since they just reinforce stereotypes.
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