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Don't forget journals. We haven't had access to our journals for, what, about a year now? I used to use mine fairly frequently to post entries about the costumes I'm working on, but now I can't do that. I've started just posting them on a cosplay account on LiveJournal but I'd prefer to do it here where, you know, pictures of my costumes actually reside.

There are numerous other bugs and glitches that haven't been fixed yet as well. The seemingly random ordering of our costumes for one. Some says it's now ordered by the date we last updated the costume, but I have one costume that I haven't updated in months and it's always near the top, while costumes I've recently updated are below it. Go figure.
There's also no way to show the completion percentage of a costume anymore.

It would be nice to have at least some kind of information and communication for the developers on this site, but unfortunately we seem to be ignored more often than not...

I have been thinking of just going to a different cosplay website but I feel like I've been here too long for that. All of my costumes and images are on this site, I really don't feel like listing them all over again...

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