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Originally Posted by Ani_BEE View Post
I ran out a of rhinestones after doing the earnings and didn't have enough of the Light Topaz to finish the 2 yellow moons. >_<

Need to get more but ArtBeads is out of stock on the Light Topaz ones at the moment.

I don't want to order these from Hong Kong is I can!

I need my minions. lol

Love this page because they have the Character sketches for the girls

For Para Para I recommend getting a large clear two part ornament to wrap and glue down the fabric for the bra cups to stitch to a underbust corset. lol
^ use this pattern to make my Mami Bustier.

You could make the corset to the first level at the bottom of her design.

She the only one out of the four girls that needs structure support.

Ves Ves need a clear strap or s ting at the center of the bikini.

and yes We Love Colors!
Chaos_magician actually suggested a bathing suit. I don't think I can handle a corset, yikes, can't breathe, lol.
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