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"Leather" shorts

Okay I need to make a pair of leather like shorts in like a months peice of time. THOUGHT I didn't need a cosplay, but then I didn't know I'd be making plans for the convention either. So stuck in the guilt trip of "oh come on I need someone to cosplay with" I found the simplist thing that matches what she's doing... It's been what 11-12 years it's a simple guilt trip to loose to, and apperently not so simple after all. Now I can't sew, epecially bottoms, the last time I did it was a embarusment in the making.

One of my other friends told me to get some shiney-ish spray paint and spray paint a pair of shorts. BUT I don't really know how that would work. I know one store had a pair like I would need BUT they were no size 12 and they didin't make bigger.

This ->

I would give someone 40 bucks if they could just make those bloody shorts I swear, but no one to bribe on shuch short notice. -sigh- WHY ME?

PS: those are Shorts and leggings type thing I watched the movie enough times to figure it out.
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