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Originally Posted by pinoycosplay View Post
Much like a person indoctrinated into a particular religion finds it close to inconceivable that anyone, including outsiders, would find their particular doctrines of faith lacking, So too is a person raised in a political system that offers only 2 choices, confused that people exist who would find their parties and labels lacking.

Thankfully, when a person becomes a citizen, they swear allegiance to the constitution, not a political party. From the oath, "Support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic" and also
My laughing was not in support of the two party system but at the obviousness of your original statement. Party labels, and labels in general, are stereotypes. It has nothing to do with whether you have two parties or three or four. Of course the two party system is lacking. Duh. In fact, it could be reasonably argued that, as least as far as economics are concerned, we have essentially a one party system as both parties operate more or less at the behest of big business.

So I guess you don't want to discuss policy, huh? Is the deficit the most important problem? Can it be reduced without raising taxes? Is capping deductions or closing loopholes effectively the same thing as raising taxes? Wages have stagnated; business profits are at record highs. If the minimum wage is increased, people will have more money to spend, and the economy should improve, right? Isn't it better for people to earn more than for the government to just give them money? Interested in any of this?

Or do you just want to feel all superior because you as a naturalized citizen love freedom so much more than I possibly could?

ETA - Even Erick Erickson thinks Woodward is being overly sensitive. Sorry, SV.

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