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hag, too bad 90 percent of communication is non verbal, because my own personal communication style doesn't translate that well to text only due to my inherent sarcastic, dry humor style.

Actually i agree with earlier statements about the sequester just being much ado about nothing. Yes there are cuts, but frankly cuts need to be made. I think the real argument needs to be where the cuts will be made.

Every group wants to protect their own funding (low income people wanting to protect current level of social services) or stop funding parts of government they find bothersome (corporations desiring to get rid of government regulation by reducing funding of enforcement)

As far as increasing the minimum wage, it is true that minimum wage workers earn less than minimum wage workers from the 60s. However, raising the minimum wage, probably isn't the solution. Economics proves that increasing the minimum wage will simple result in fewer jobs overall and increase the rate of inflation.

For example I read how fast food places are already experimenting with computerized order takers. If the minimum wage goes up to 10 dollars an hour you can be sure that it will only hasten the adoption of "self checkout" stations at fast food places.

I can tell you one thing that would help American workers. Enforce strict penalties against employers who employ illegal immigrants. It is the flood of cheap labor that depresses wages.

I'm sure we both love freedom equally, but different people of course will have different perspectives based on a myriad of factors.
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