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Originally Posted by Kildread View Post
A lot of the complaints since the makeover (Many outlined here) are due to stylesheet, code that is not compatible across browsers, incomplete functions --- I don't know what process CosCom works on behind the scenes for accomplishing projects, my outlook as an observer and someone who actually *does* development on websites and software applications is:

CosCom needs a qualified website designer. I'm not talking outputting awesome new features, it's just a sense of fixing what is broken on major browers. But even then, picture post-processing, upload and storage is not just website design, even moreso considering the traffic generated by this website.

OMG. Whenever I notice some new bug I'm always tempted to post the fix in the forms, but A) I don't think they even look at it/it would be lost in the long Bugs List thread and B) I'm not going to do my day job for free here just because it's a site I frequent.

BTW, I'm not getting any email notifications from this site anymore. Guessing they turned them off for testing or they are having trouble with the mail server
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