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Haven't planned days yet, but costumes ready at this point:
Roxas (Orgy XIII) - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Ness - Earthbound
Team Rocket Grunt OR Pikachu - Pokemon Games
Sasuke (Chuunin Exam) OR Itachi (Akatsuki) - Naruto

I guess it depends on when the photoshoots are compared to my fav panels.
Look for me at:
AniMegaCon 2014
Otakon Vegas 2015

Finished costumes for 2014:
God Tier John Egbert, Meenah Pexies - Homestuck
Kai Hiwatari - Beyblade 2000
Ness - Earthbound
Team Rocket Grunt, Trainer Red, Pikachu - Pokemon
Itachi, Sasuke - Naruto

Planned costumes for 2014:
Hubert - Tales of Graces F - Planned
Timpani - Super Paper Mario - Planned
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