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Wax for facial hair or other better alternative?

I have been trying to think of a way to really... well, since I can't kill my facial hair without spending 7000 or dollars, since I hate it anyways.... remove my facial hair for a good period of time, what would you folks recommend I do? My hair is dark, but when it grows out, kinda goes reddish.

I was looking into waxing strips like these:

And such, and I figured I would ask here.

Shaving just makes the hairs darker, so I want to remove them, even if temporary.

I already epilate my whole body, and am still feeling pain with it, but not so much. My epilator can't be used on the face obviously, so I think I need to wax.

I am allergic to Veet (No idea what is in it, but similar happened to me when I was a child and I had this looney tunes bubble bath or soap)

I have one of those coil threading things by bellabe, but God, I can't take that for that many hairs. I can do it like up my cheek and such, but the mustache area is just brutal.

Wax is the last option I haven't tried I think. Does anyone have any experience with anything I haven't that has worked well for them?.... Mainly men, since men have tougher and more facial hair than women. If you wax, what kind of waxx would you recommend, before I go gung-ho on something. Thanks!
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