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Originally Posted by SweeneyTodd View Post
Welcome to! I'm in the MA area too! Currently going to college in Boston and it's the best! I love that city, the public transportation is so wonderful lol

If you're able to go to Anime Boston you may also be able to go to Arisia and Boston Comic Con as both of those conventions are in the center of Boston (BCC is at the Pru as far as I understand) and Arisia is at the Boston Convention Center (which is a 10min drive from the Pru). So those may be conventions you can go to if you're looking for more cons to attend.

Also as far as flying to cons goes, if you pack one large suitcase usually they don't charge you for that (although there usually is a 50lb limit). If you fly often enough you can get miles and earn status that will waive that limit in case you were interested lol Just choose an airline you really like, one that flies to all your desired destinations, and stick with it. Those miles also can give you discounts or free trips, which is always nice

Anyways, maybe I'll see you at a con one day!
I've never heard of Arisia but I was told that Boston Comicon was a waste of time because it's so small. And yeah flying would be cool to go to other cons but it's more expensive then driving and I'd end up flying alone because my friends wouldn't want to spent the money :c

Oh! What college do you go to? : O
Sorry if that's being nosy I just love learning about different colleges from actual students ^^;;

Also what cons are you going to this year? I think I'm just going to Anime Boston but I might go to Otakon. The friends I'm going with are super nice and said they'd pull over a bunch for me if I start to panic haha

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