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Just popping in cause I have like a ton to do and like no motivation to do so xD

Thanks for the comments everyone!

Stars- it looks awesome! Mine; was a complete poo poo next to yours xD but I rushed mine in like 2 nights. I even forgot(..or ran out of time..i forget)to make my crown QAQ I feel ya on the rushing!

I'm starting Merida this week >3< got all my fabrics! Just waiting on the main fabric in the mail..won't come till Wednesday so I guess ill just take 3 days to pattern it xDD nah ill probably work on the bottom panel

Speaking of all the brothers plushies were on clearance at the Dis Store (I almost bought one like 2 days ago o-o good thing I didn't) so I basically got all 3 for the price of one ef=nf

I'm not sure how to carry them all at wondercon o-0 maybe ill just take hamish cause he has the cutest stance. His head is the floppiest though o.< I don't have enough arm to hold them all xD hmmm maybe ill make a giant leash and just drag them xDDD
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