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Apollo.gandin33 - I guess that is true, although if you plan accordingly, the flights are not that expensive. Just got to keep an eye on the deals and other stuff like that.
I am currently a Marketing Communications student at Emerson College in the center of Boston. I love it there and being in the center of Boston is the best!
Cons that I plan on going to are Connecticon, Otakon, Anime Central, NYCC, Boston Comic Con, PAX East (maybe), RICC, AAC...I think those are all the ones remaining for 2013. I find it hard to measure which cons I go to per year because I measure my years in terms of school years not normal people years lol
That's great that your friends are really understanding, I hope you do end up going to Otakon, that would be awesome! Maybe I will see you there
Also, so that we do not spam this thread with back and forth convo, if you want, you're welcome to add me on FB: My Facebook Account, this goes for you too Ilafatyu. Just send me a message letting me know of your username on here and I'll add you guys

Ilafatyu- You're in Boston? Really? We should definitely meet up some time then. How far are you from the Prudential Center? Did you know there are cosplay meetups every weekend? I attend them all the time xD Also you'll know it's me if you see a Jack Sparrow because I am the only Asian short Jack Sparrow :P

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