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Originally Posted by nekokitkat View Post
Hiya um hmm well I love to cosplay but the past few years I have sub-cum to tremors and sporadic involuntary movements as part of a disease I have. I have been chrona from Soul Eater in the past so my spasms look like I am in character by being possessed by black blood.

But this year I'd like to do a pretty long flowy dress from cardcaptor sakura. My spasms cause me to fall and accidentally hit people, I don't mean too I have no control. the attacks can last from a few seconds to several min and i look like I am having a seizure. I get them about 20- 50 times a day. I am weary about my condition and I have great friends at anime expo to support me, physically and emotionally.

I do admit I am bit self contentious about my condition. you think it would be wise for me to be in a dress that I could potentially hurt my self in or even carry a staff?
If you have your trusty friends there to help you and support you, I say do it. Have fun, and just do it because you love it. The majority of people in cosplay you'll encounter are good folks who will appreciate you because of the work and love you put into your outfit.
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