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Originally Posted by Evil Bishounen View Post
You should do both. It looks very unbalanced and unconvincing if you do absolutely nothing with your chest to create the appearance of breasts. Also, if you're buying female clothing for your crossplays, it will fit much better with chest padding because those clothes are designed to accommodate boobs.
'Was knocked off my feet by a cold the other day..

^Yes that is true, but I'm really uncomfortable walking around with such a 'girly feature'.
It might also be coupled with the fact that I like girls that don't have a lot going on on their upper body. To me the most (atractive) part is the waist area and legs. XD
To much junk (sorry) around the chest is not really atractive on a woman if you ask me.

I'm quite happy just to be a guy wearing girls clothes. This doesn't mean I don't take any measures to at least try look decent in them.
I'm glad your giving me advice though, I really am.

Finding someone that can help me with this garment is going to be soo awkward. Maybe I should ask my teacher, he did say he wanted do dress in pretty clothes like girls once in a while (true story). When I think about it most of the peaople I'v meet are quite cool with crossplay. But taking this vest to the tailor, they will think I'm crazy

This thread is derailing,
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