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Something else that's been on my mind lately is the aspect of crossplaying. One of my "Possible Cosplays" is a VERY well known character that would typically fall into this category, but the character is in fact MALE. That being said, should this be a thing that I should attempt? Crossplaying, that is. I'm pretty thin, so I could probably get away with some characters, but I'm not sure if I should even bother.

Also, some outfits I wear require the wearing of shorts or short sleeves. Normally I wouldn't care, but I've scarring on my body(let's just say people can get really nasty when you don't conform to what they see as normal...), and I'm not sure how to hide it aside from wearing black underarmor. I don't mind wearing the stuff, as shown in a few of my cosplay already during Otakon. Yeah, I'm crazy enough to wear underarmor in Baltimore City mid July heat. I'm Awesome! That said, I'm not sure how else to hide the scarring aside from that, and that also plays into the aspect of me wondering about crossplaying. Would this even look right?
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