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Originally Posted by yamibakura03 View Post
Same here! Im getting lazy but its darn cold in my room and do not want to sew in the kitchen all late at night. Its much colder in there.
Yeah I've been having the same problem, I'm currently wearing 2 layers of everything, and have a robe on, and while I'm not cold anymore, my feet are like icicles DX Very unmotivating, cuz I just wanna curl up in bed XD

Originally Posted by Zaiten View Post
If you find some motivation, hit me up with some extra. ._.

I've been so sad since I realized I won't get my Belldandy wig in time for Anime Matsuri. I've just kind of.. left everything else sitting half done and don't know who to start next. I'm waiting for someone to go "Ooh, I want to cosplay this." or "I just made this." So I can go "Ooh, I'll make blank and join in!"

Cause I could start on so much but don't know where to focus.. I have lumber I can make into Serge's Swallow as well as more for Ike's sword. So that's Chrono Cross and Fire Emblem.. then I have my Belldandy fabric which I could use for something else and buy more later.. it might make a good Ike shirt. I have the rib knit for Rinoa but lost the dye packet so I could do that.. Plus I have fabric for Aerith Crisis Core. Oh, and Lycra for my Senshi body suit. Curse you fabric bargain bin and coupons!!

And on top of that, I have extra cash that I could start something entirely new! ._. It's a good thing I've avoided the fabric stores or I would probably have more by now.
Haha, alright, if I can find some first, I'll send any extra your way =P

And holy shit that's a lot of stuff O_O and I thought I had a lot of crap going on at once >_> Though for Belldandy you could always use your own hair and see if you can get one of those clip on ponytail things, they sell them at the mall and wig shops for like 15-20 ... I know your hair is a little darker than hers, but if that bugs you you could always lighten your hair a bit, it's not like she has an unnatural color or anything, lol.
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